Monday, October 10, 2016

el food diary.

i was taught by my mom that junk food is a big no no!
i still remember she will say "too much colouring in this food. tak boleh makan!"
i am so glad my mom taught me like that because that is how i am now
towards my son's diet. i am really careful of what he eats.
if it is a home made, i would not that reluctant to let him eat it.
but if someone else made it, i would think twice.

but it's actually hard sticking to the plan. because there will be somebody else
feeding him with a food that i think is still not suitable for his baby stomach.
that is always how i am going to see him forever! haha. a baby. my baby!

i will try hard to not let him enjoy junk food or processed food.
but sometimes i did overlook and fed him with almost everything that adults eats.
my method is "jangan ajar dia, biar dia sendiri makan or beli bila dia dah besar nanti"
but it doesn't mean i will let him that easy. of cause i will get mad and told him not to.
i keep on saying that to my husband. so i hope he wont forget it.
and please do respect me. he is my son. if i wont let him eat it
please do not proceed to feed him. is that really hard to understand?

i hate it when it comes to the matter of my son. i am a protective mom after all.
well who wouldn't? i made him. i am the one bearing all the pain.
the pregnancy sickness. i was nauseated and throwing up for almost 6 months.
carried him for 10months. the process of delivering him took almost 36hours.
failed normal, failed vacuum and proceed to csect. the stitches. the scar.
so i guess i have every rights to be that protective. or be mad.
and to raise him with my way. should anyone not like it, please stay away.
it wont hurt you pun!

so after this, if i have the time. i will share what i have cooked for my dearie son
or what i will prepare next. i always search for simple recipes but healthy for him.
to let him have all the nutrients and vitamins.
to get him familiar with eating healthy and clean.

this will be called El Food Diary. as per the title.
till then everyone. if i have the time only.
peace yo! (=

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