Sunday, September 18, 2016

27th June 2014

how many dates does someone easily or always remember it by?
i have a lot! and i surely remember it always. insyaAllah! :)as per the title, 
this date is so so important to me as two magical incident happened that day!

the 1st magical incident happened that day was the birth of my bestfriend.

who was then my boyfriend and now, currently i am so proud to say is my Husband!
i 1st met him back when we were studying in the same university.
but of course with different course, college and faculty. 
thanks to my classmate if its not for him i guess i'd be married to somebody else.
hehe we knew as friend for 3 years, a couple for 5 years and married for 2 years. approximately.

the 2nd magical and majestic incident happened on the same day was 
the day i found out that i was pregnant with my son :)
i was late for my cycle for only one week but since it is my husband's birthday
i thought i will just try to see if i am actually pregnant and if i did 
it will be the best gift/present to him. to surprise him with the news
and who knows, after taking the UPT, the second line emerged! 
i was so unbelievable, but only Allah knows how i want to be pregnant that time.

so i gave the UPT with the two lines to my husband. 

he said 'whats this?pregnant ke x?'haha boys will be boys. 
i said 'yelah. positive but we have to check a few weeks after just to be sure'
the look on his face was actually priceless. it was mixed with emotional
but i said to him to not be that excited just yet since the colour was so dull 
i guess the hCG level in my body at that time was still low
a few weeks later, besides of me taking the UPT for like 2-3 times
we visited the gynae and did the ultrasound and we can see you baby~ 
he was just so little. we can only see the kantung. just as what the gynae told us

welcome to the world love! its been a year and a half now. 
lets make it beautiful together ok? ayah and ibu loves you so much! :) 
thank you Allah for this beautiful gifts! syukran ya Allah~ :X

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