Sunday, September 18, 2016

wake me up when September ends!

oh maa gad! its been 5 months already. my new resolution to write more post
really didnt work out!oh my! haha honestly i guess i am really a mom now!

the only time i mean ME time i have is to bath but just if my husband is around.
otherwise i have to take a bath along with my son or he will be watching me outside.
if i close the door confirm he will cry hard. haha that is how clingy my son is

but i do believe that some baby out there are the same behaviour with my son.
in spite of it all, i love him! so much!
so grateful to Allah for giving him to me. to our life!
to me n my husband! we do treasure him so much.

next topic that i will share with u guys is either the process of giving birth to him
or meals i prepared for him or maybe both! haha
but that is ONLY i have more time alone. ME time!
whether he is asleep or busy playing with his cousins
but usually its a hard to find time. ME time! haha

just see the dates of my post. from April to September
if i got extra time usually is when my husband is home
or im cooking. or laundrying or bringing him outside
playing or strolling around or even window shopping

so lets see the next date is when! is it next day next month or next year?
haha insyaAllah will find time. *like anyone is reading my blog* :P

sayonara minna san! (=

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