Thursday, September 7, 2017

another wake me up when september ends!

i did this a lot. esp on twitter! or on instagram. september only comes once in a year? and there is a song related to it. so why not? hahaha 
yesterday i dreamt of going back to work
all this while i was just on leave. that kind of feelings you have. like monday blues
it was so unpleasant! i forgot almost everything. its like im rusty or something.
do i don't want to be working anymore that much? haha

i miss working to be honest. its kinda somewhat embarrassing when my husband

answered that 'no shes not working!' can you at least add 'anymore!' to that sentence?
i do feel useless sometimes. i want to be working. i love what i did on my previous job
the environment is good. just the timing! if only the timing is normal hours like everyone else
i would still be working i guess

but to look i thoroughly i believe its what Allah had plan for me right?

HE is the best planner after all. but biasalah, manusia kan tak pernah puas.
and so ungrateful. so which of the favors of ye lords wud u deny? astaghfirullah!

eh eh. so leka of me typing i just realized that my son hasn't be bathed yet!

i find it hard to give him a bath right now! keeps on saying 'tanak' every time i ask him to 
maybe i shud complain less and do more right?
complaining is not good. bersyukur kepada yg Esa selalu lagi baik kan?
hahaha ok later guys! ka ciao! :P

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