Friday, April 1, 2016

a new me!

just now i finally has the chance to write a new entry~
phew! i am so tired. its 11.30pm and still so much i wanna do.
like vacuuming the house, clean the toilet, fold the laundry, etc~
but since i'm a mommy now, i can't do that all when my son is up.

yes. this is a new me. i'm a mom! honestly sometimes i couldn't believe it myself. haha.
i have to laugh at that. my son is gonna be 13 mo this sunday.
he just turned 1! it is that many. i'm a proud mom.

for now let me just tell me the intro to all of that. i met my husband in college.
at 1st we weren't that close. he never say a word to me. just a casual hi or smile.
haha. we start to go on a date around may 2009. the same year in june, we decided to take the relationship to the next step.

we decided to actually get married by 2013. since my dad just had his bypass surgery
we had to delay it to the april next year. we got married on 26th of april 2014 dengan sekali lafaz.
it was a lovely ceremony. it was meant to be simple as we do not want our money go to waste.

on june, as a joke since i missed my period for only 1 week, i bought a upt.
i'm planning to surprise my husband on his birthday. and that was on 27th june.
and it turned out positive! no wonder my appetite went up like crazy. easily feel so tired.
Alhamdulillah since we were sort of really want to have a baby stat!

he was born on 3rd of march 2015. he just turned 1! i think for now that's all i'm gonna share the memories. will update more soon!

he is asleep now. but he could easily wake up and walk by himself to find me in the living room.
while crying of cause! haha. he's one clingy boy. and one who likes to cry a lot. kuat angesh~!
okey readers (if any hahaha) will continue later. good night!

peace world. i'm out~

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